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Why does the garden humidification pump trip when it is working

If the work of the garden humidification pump can proceed smoothly, the work efficiency is still possible, and it can contribute to the greening of the garden. Long term work may also face various problems, such as tripping. If the trip occurs, it can be closed, but if it is frequent, it can be annoying and affect the normal operation of the work.

In case of tripping during the use of garden humidification pump, it is necessary to find out the cause and find out the problem so as to solve the problem conveniently. Observe the change of each meter during the closing process of the switch to determine the cause. Observe the tripping circuit of the Voltmeter, monitor the action of differential relays 1cj and 2cj with milliammeter, monitor the thermal protection circuit with Ammeter, start the water pump after connection, and find out the problem through continuous testing.

Solving the issue of tripping can help us improve work efficiency and reduce the incidence of accidents. Frequent tripping also has an impact on the service life of equipment. If such problems occur, they should be promptly resolved.



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