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What to do if the water pump of spray leaks

Under normal use, the spray water pump will not leak, nor will it cause waste of resources. A long time will also affect the use quality of the pump. If there is water leakage, how should we solve it?

In case of water leakage of spray water pump, check whether the pressure and flow of sealing water and cooling water pump are appropriate, and ensure that the lubrication part is well lubricated to make the packing gland more tight. It is necessary to check its temperature by hand. It is recommended to adjust the gland of the filling material if the temperature rises, and avoid high-temperature filling and damage when the temperature rises.

The sealing and packaging conditions should be within a reasonable range. Long term operation may result in the elimination of filling boxes. Special installation tools should be used during disassembly and assembly to avoid damage, which may lead to water leakage. If any water leakage is found, it is necessary to stop operation and inspection to avoid further damage over time and reduce repair damage.



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