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How to solve the problem of a hot car wash water pump

If the car wash water pump has been used for a long time, it may cause overheating, just like some of our electronic devices running for a long time can cause overheating, and some overheating can affect its use. How should we solve the problem of water pump overheating?

The selected model of the car wash water pump is incorrect, and its head is different from the actual use. Improper use can cause overheating, and in severe cases, the motor may be burned. To solve this problem, a valve should be installed at the outlet of the water pump to control the size.

The specific gravity of the medium conveyed by the car wash water pump is too high, which can be solved by increasing the motor power. If it is caused by unstable on-site voltage, solve the voltage problem or replace it with a standard cable.

When installing the car wash water pump, check if the spring is too tight and adjust it to the correct level of tightness.



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