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Method for controlling the water flow of garden humidification pumps

How to learn how to operate and control the water flow of a garden humidification pump during use, which can better complete irrigation work and ensure irrigation quality?

Changing the water flow of the garden humidification pump is also known as variable speed regulation. The equipment will come with this function, and changing the speed of the water pump can control the water flow changes of the water pump.

Variable diameter adjustment is also a method, and the performance of garden humidification pumps changes according to the law. The method of changing the operating point of the water pump is called variable diameter adjustment, which can also change the installation angle of the blades to change the water flow speed. Throttling is also a method in water flow control. For water pump devices with gate valves installed in the outlet pipeline, controlling through valves is a simple and effective method. As we all know, the smaller the valve, the greater the resistance and the smaller the flow rate. Learn to use simple operating methods to complete the work.



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